no matter where you are or how you're connected, BizBOOK ensures your sales materials are readily available.

BizBOOK is a simple content enablement application that provides your sales team with up-to-date materials at their fingertips and a web-based portal for marketers to revise and manage collateral within minutes.

Since we began using BizBOOK, our sales force has been much more productive in selling all our products. The ability to be an expert on almost any product is attributed to the fact that information is readily available.
Kim Hennig
Vice President Sales-Steel Division at Wastequip

Present Anywhere

Compatible with any Android or iOS device. And, once a user has downloaded the application all of their content is stored locally on their device so whether at an event, an airport, or in an elevator – they are prepared to make a sale 100% of the time.

Update Efficiently

Give marketing the ability to control what content the sales team is utilizing and ensures that the sales content is up to date. With an easy 3-step process, marketing can send new content, reorganize current content, or just make simple updates within seconds. This solves a common problem which puts sales and marketing on the same page; there is no confusion as to what video or document is current, and the entire team has a consistent message.

Leverage Your Brand

An out-of-the-box application; however, BizBOOK will look and feel like a custom solution. We custom brand the user interface with your logo and a graphic banner that best fits your company. This provides a more attractive alternative to giving a presentation and makes your sales team look professional without breaking the bank.

Explore Analytics

Leadership knows what is being sold, but what is being marketed in the field? With BizBOOK, leadership gains visibility into what their sales team is presenting and marketers gain clarity to determine what types of content are effective. Also, every lead captured in the field is recorded in the BizBOOK back office so your company will have insights into lead activity to fuel future marketing campaigns.

We don’t sell things to you, we sell things for you

Our hands-on process finds the custom solutions that fit you. It’s our mission to find interactive, engaging, and most of all, memorable ways for your clients to interact with and benefit from your product.

But these are just words. Watch the BizBOOK video.